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Italian Lacquered Wood Box Urn in “Joy”

Italian Lacquered Wood Box Urn in “Joy”


This cremation urn celebrates lively and multicolored tones that reflect a cheerful and joyous life. The yellow of the sun; the blue of the ocean; the orange stands for optimism; the violet represents art and the green is the color of nature and life. The veneers are obtained through a special production process and then sealed with a high gloss lacquer finish.

  • Handmade in Italy
  • The urns in this collection are made from poplar, basswood, oak, wenge and rosewood.
  • The selected wood is sourced from responsible and sustainable forestry management and is highly respectful of environmental biodiversity. 
  • Interiors are lined with soft Florentine velvet. 
  • Please allow 2 weeks for this urn.

Urn Size: 260 cubic inches. This urn is suitable for a loved one with a weight of 260 pounds or less before cremation.

Dimensions: 10 3/4″ w x 7 13/64″ d x 8 25/64″ h