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Handmade Turquoise Maple Wood Cremation Urn

Handmade Turquoise Maple Wood Cremation Urn


This turquoise maple wood cremation urn has a glossy finish and a matching flat top. The beautiful wood grain is still visible through its rich color. It is handmade and hand-painted in the United States by an expert woodturner, and is a classic and quietly elegant urn. 

  • Highest quality of workmanship.
  • Maple wood and hand-painted in turquoise and blue tones.
  • 10 coats of finish are applied for durability and a glossy sheen that gives depth to the wood grain. 
  • Urn lids are threaded walnut burl for a secure closure. For permanent closure, drop a bit of glue on the thread.
  • Free Shipping and easy returns. 

Urn Size: 215 cubic inches. This urn is suitable for a loved one with a weight of 215 pounds or less before cremation. 

Dimensions: 9" (H) x 6.5" (Diameter)