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Elite Cat Urn

Elite Cat Urn


This urn has a very easy, twist-open bottom. The opening itself, however, is somewhat small. The easiest way to place your pet's cremains inside is to utilize the plastic bag and twist tie that come inside of the urn. A funnel also comes in handy. Pull the bag out from inside your new Elite Cat Urn. Upen it up and start pushing it back inside of the urn, starting with one corner. Leave about half of the plastic bag sticking out. Place the tip of your funnel inside of the plastic bag. Slowly pour your pet's cremains into the funnel, allowing time for the funnel to empty into the bag. Make sure the end of your bag never falls completely inside of the urn. Once all of your pet's cremains are inside, twist up the bag, and close it with the twist-tie. Push the bag all the way inside of your urn and twist the bottom back on.

Dimensions Cubic Inches
8.5" x 4.0" x 5.0" 25